SARAH McAULEY - Canadian representative 


Born in Canada, Sarah has always had a passion for conservation, reducing human-wildlife conflict and reconnecting humans with the natural world.

She spent three years working in South Africa as African Impact’s Research Manager, conducting conservation research and encouraging others to work towards a healthy environment. Sarah has an educational background in Ecological Surveying and International Development having studied at the University of Oxford, Humber College and Wilfrid Laurier University. She now resides in British Columbia where she is consistently inspired by our planet’s natural wonders. This inspiration continues to drive her to reconnect society with nature.

“Humans are extraordinarily linked to the wild world. When you educate and empower people to remember that connection, to be inspired by nature and to learn how to protect it, you have the potential to change the world.”

Laura Conde 


Born in Colombia, Laura has always had a passion for animals and the natural world. Laura began her tertiary education in her home country of Colombia, she has since moved to Australia; where she has re-discovered her immense love for the ocean! Continuing her studies here in Australia, Laura is in her last semester at UNSW of her double degree in environmental engineering and marine science. Laura has contributed to several volunteering programs having the opportunity to work with marine turtles in remote locations such as deserted islands in Australia, Queensland and Papua New Guinea. She loves sharing her knowledge with others about the environment and sustainable living.

“It all comes down to one thing: respecting and caring for our roots. All that we are and all that we have is because of Mother Nature. We need to protect her the same way she’s looked after us all these years. Ignorance is our worst enemy and education our only weapon”.

Jason Savage


From Adelaide in South Australia, Jason has been fascinated with wildlife and the environment since
he was a small kid, which was only fuelled more when he was given a carpet python for Christmas
when he was just 8 years old.

He fell in love with Africa when he travelled to South Africa to do a conservation internship when he
was 18 and after spending 5 months in the bush he was hooked and had caught the Africa bug!
Jason completed his FGASA level 1 field guiding course and back up trails course which landed him a guiding job in Kwa-Zulu Natal but soon realised guiding wasn’t for him.
He was then given the opportunity to work as a rhino monitor on a private reserve. He knew about
the threats to rhinos due to poaching but he had no idea it was that bad. After meeting his crash of
white rhinos he instantly fell in love with them and would have moved heaven and earth to keep
them safe, they became his best mates.

As a wildlife and conservation photographer he soon realised that these rhinos and his photos could
benefit the entire rhino population and help raise awareness for all 5 species.
Connecting people with the rhinos and hopefully getting them care.
Now he is continuing to try raise awareness for the rhinos and other conservation issues. He has also
moved into Indonesia to document the deforestation and human-wildlife conflicts.

Jason hopes to work with individuals, NGO’s and other conservation organisations to help raise awareness, learn along the way and to bring people on the journey with him.

Devon pinto


Born in Southern California, Devon's first connection to nature came through surfing and he ultimately fell in love with the wonders of the ocean. His passion for helping the environment and learning about sustainability is shown through his love for helping teach kids about our planet. 

Devon was a final contestant on the 35th Season of TV show, 'Survivor'. Devon is certified in aquaponics and straw bale house building from The Solar Institute in Healdsburg, CA and Graduated from Sonoma state university with a Bachelors degree of Science. 

Devon loves to travel and see the natural wonders of the world. He is currently reducing his carbon footprint by simplifying his life through living in an off the grid van-home.

In his spare time Devon enjoys writing, playing music, practicing yoga and maintaining a healthy diet. 

“Be grateful every single day that we get to enjoy this beautiful gift of a planet that we call home”



Ashley grew up in a very outdoorsy family in small town Ontario, Canada. She has a profound love of the natural world and its habitants, bestowed on her by her mother and watching many episodes of David Suzuki’s, The Nature of Things.

She attended Wilfrid Laurier University, majoring in Global Studies and Philosophy. During her studies she focused on Environmental and Gender Ethics. Since finishing her degree, Ashley has worked as a substitute teacher, in project management for a volunteer organization in South Africa and most recently is working with charities in British Columbia.

Ashley feels very passionate about education and specifically educating youth about the importance of nature, since our very existence depends on it.

“My hero, David Suzuki once said, ‘Our very being, essence, health and happiness depends on Mother Earth.’ I could not agree more with him. One of my favourite things to do is watch natural wonders, like waves crashing into a shore or an epic thunderstorm full of loud crashes and lightening. These remind me how insignificant humans are in comparison to Mother Nature and her power. She is a mother after all; and if I’ve learned anything from my own, we have to respect her because she will always prevail.”


Matt Senior - Director - Now Or Never.jpg

Matt has been involved in photography from a very young age, and throughout the years his passion for photography and film have continued to evolve. He has travelled to over forty countries around the world, immersing himself in new cultures, new experiences and nature, whilst documenting his travels through a lens along the way. Through these journeys, he discovered a strong passion for the natural world and everything living within it. Matt had always dreamed of becoming a wildlife filmmaker, but always saw it as an unreachable dream.

That all changed during a trip to the Galapagos in 2016, when Matt found himself immersed in a unique. environment rich in wildlife, and through conversations with the local people, it inspired him to conquer that dream. Later that year Matt applied for a new course at the National Film and Television School (NFTS), where he studied a Masters in Directing and Producing Science and Natural History.

There he produced three short documentaries: Against the Grey, Under Threat, and Now Or Never. Matt's ultimate goal is to produce films with a prime focus on conservation and raising awareness in the hope of making a difference towards saving the natural world and its wildlife.

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