Become a Keeper of the Forest.

We are all inextricably linked to the forests of our planet.

We are at a point in human history where we can make the decision to change our behaviour to better not only ourselves, but our planet and future generations.

Keepers Of The Forest delves into the complex issues that surrounds deforestation, education and employment opportunities whilst highlighting the incredible people that are making a difference!

Here 10 things that you can do to help our forests today!

  1. Say no to conflict palm oil

  2. Demand mandatory labelling of palm oil

  3. Develop brand awareness

  4. Eco-tourism

  5. Support local communities

  6. Adopt an Orangutan

  7. Become a #KeeperOfTheForest

  8. Plant a tree

  9. Connect to your environment

  10. Empowerment through education



Its almost impossible to be 100% Palm Oil Free, and nor should you try! Palm oil isn’t necessarily the issue, its the deforestation associated with it that is destroying our forests.

You can make a great impact by simply lessen your demand for palm oil and staying educated about which items contain palm oil and the sneaky names for it! Download the Palm Oil Free Scanner app today!

To find out more about palm oil and why its important to have brand awareness/certification follow the link below!



Helping provide alternative forms of income for the people of Indonesia is a great way to support local communities.

One form of alternative income that is benefiting not only the people but the environment, is eco-tourism!

The locals have the most incredible knowledge about the jungle and will be able to show you the hidden gems in Indonesia, including seeing the iconic species, The Orangutan!

Explore | Educate | Protect

Start your adventure today!



Orangutans are not only an iconic species, they are endangered… mainly due to illegal logging, palm oil plantations and poaching.

You can help secure the Orangutans future by adopting one today!

Take a photo of you doing your part for the forests and use the tag

#KeepersOfTheForest and @Wild_Education so we can see your amazing work!

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