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Award winning documentary film maker, Roxy Rogan is a passionate individual who is dedicated to producing inspiring and empowering environmental documentaries.

At the age of 19 Roxy founded her environmental conservation enterprise, Wild Education. Concentrating on a holistic approach to education, Roxy found that the power of film was one effective way to portray important messages and inspire people to make change in their own lives. 

Producing her first documentary, 'Person Of The Forest' in 2017 Roxy has since had it screened throughout Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and had its North American premiere at the WCFF in NYC. Person Of The Forest went on to win best 'endangered species' film at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. 

In 2018 Roxy took on her first role of Directing as she created her second documentary, 'Keepers Of The Forest', an eye opening film that delves into the environmental struggles in Indonesia and the passionate people leading the way for change. Keepers Of The Forest was supported by several conservation groups and sponsored by ethical cosmetics brand, LUSH. Keepers Of The Forest has been accepted into several film festivals and recently won best short documentary at the Changing Face International Film Festival.

Roxy aims to create inspiring, empowering and educational films that will endeavour to make change to our planet.